For many, the thought of self measuring for Highland dress may seem quite daunting, but by following a few basic instructions this need not cause concern.

There are two important rules

  • No 1. Do not to attempt to do this alone. It is essential that you get someone else to do the measuring as it’s almost impossible to do this yourself accurately
    Then, As any tailor will tell you, “measure twice, cut once!”
  • No.2  Use a proper tailor’s measuring tape. This may sound obvious but you’d be amazed at the number of folk who try to make do with a six inch ruler and a piece of string! It never works

Finally, if you need any advice, or are not sure of something, please ask. We want to help you all the way through buying your Highland dress and we are as anxious as you are to get the figures as accurate as possible. We are only an e-mail away. Our Kilts are not mass produced but are individually made to measure ensuring the finished article is of the highest quality tailoring.

Measurement Guide
Measuring for a Gent’s Kilt

Be sure to provide the correct measurements! All measurements should be in inches.

Using the illustration as a guide, follow the steps below to take your kilt measurements.

Taken around the waist at the level of the high waist between the hip bone and the lowest rib – the buckle will allow for about 2 inches expansion.From this starting point measure around the stomach – this is the waist measurement. Note, this waist measurement that we are looking for is not the same as a trouser waist measurement, as the kilt is worn higher the waist measurement is usually greater than the trouser measurement.

Taken around the seat at the widest part of the seat. Take the widest area across the bottom, and measure around, do not put the tape measure tight, this should be a fairly loose measurement.

Taken from the level of measurement A to the middle of the knee cap usually while kneeling on the floor and keeping your back upright. Look straight ahead then measure from the navel to the floor. This will give you the correct finished length, which is mid-knee. There is a temptation to lean forward to view the measurement but this causes an inaccurate length measurement. It is essential that someone else does the measuring for you, as it is impossible to take this measurement accurately by yourself.

When you are happy with the measurements, please provide us with the following information:

For the Kilt:

Height,        Waist(A),        Seat (B),        Length (C)

Preferred Choice of Tartan

For the Jacket

Chest,        Sleeve: Short/Regular/Long/XLong
Choice of Style